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Shipping & Returns

Return policy, exchange or refund?

But there are exceptions, if you want to return your purchase products And unless you sell seafood and good to do. Must return within 28 days of the date made. If the performance of the product is not totally damaged packaging or terms of the sale, we are entitled to refuse ?? appointment

If the product is damaged, we will send origin shipping. In the case of the EU, we will pay according to the same rules most return for our products is a delivery company to deliver it. It would cost back home. Bill of lading and customs, as well as information about how to resolve tax documents. Before you deliver a product that they have permission, you can contact customer service.

* * * * * * * * * * * * We are shipping costs, if any defects and damage to her while we enjoy it.

I will come back?

You can reverse the unwanted mail. Please note that refunds will not be that orders abroad, we can not guarantee the provision of transportation services in the storage and movement, and even damage the equipment to accept the position of his hands.

And to restore order to the following:.

1. If the item is defective or damaged, the customer service, send e-mail ?? Before returning product license
2. The distribution of the product in its original packaging.
3. Mark the package to the details of the cause of his back and checked the package.
4. Outside of the label on the packaging to return.
5. package for the post and has published evidence.
We will send the cost of shipping the mail and local charges at a high price 7,50 per kg in the case of the European Union in accordance with the principles of the foreign sales of the flashback. our products are from the original cost of the shuttle. But they returned to terugbetalen reduce the cost of products. Bill of lading and customs, as well as information about how to resolve tax documents.

* * * * * * * * * * * * We will refund only the cost of shipping if all that is defective or damaged, or have been guaranteed.

It took me a long time to process a refund?
The settlement of the refund, we will refund within 24 hours, you need five days after the return of your account upon receipt of the word "full" view - Change Email Please note that some banks will need to submit. payments to five days

If you get a stand, but 10 days after the payment of a "fine" - his updates by email, please contact our customer service.